Pleiades (forthcoming) "Neo-Pastoral"

32 Poems (forthcoming) "Ars Poetica"

The New Criterion (forthcoming) "Darn"

Montreal International Poetry Prize (Summer 2017) "Wild Horses" (shortlisted)

Meridian (Summer 2017) "Hush"

Cincinnati Review (Summer 2017) "Excavate"

Birmingham Poetry Review (Spring 2017) "Hook Echo," "Fetch"

AGNI (Winter 2016) "Stumbling on Clair de Lune"
Linebreak (Summer 2016) "Storm Warnings"
THRUSH (Spring 2016) "Alpenglow (n.):"
The Adroit Journal (Spring 2016) "Cri de Coeur"
burntdistrict (Winter 2015) "Heat Wave"
diode (Winter 2015) "Dog," "Surrender the Animal," "Mille-fleur"
2015 Best New Poets Anthology "Well" (originally published in Ecotone)
32 Poems (Summer 2015) "Night Bloom"
Prairie Schooner (Summer 2015)  "Harvest Festival"
BOAAT (Summer 2015)  "Coup de Foudre"
Crab Orchard Review (Summer 2015) "Shed"
Redivider (Summer 2015)    "Return"
Iron Horse Literary Review (Spring 2015)  "Visiting Hours"
Able Muse (Winter 2015)    “Gyroscope”
Cellpoems (Winter 2015)   "On a Tin Roof"
Ecotone (Fall 2014)    “Well”
Quarterly West (Fall 2014) "Surface Tension," "Translation," "The Blues"
Salt Hill (Fall 2014)    “Circling”
West Branch (Fall 2014)    “Grayscale,” “Pyrite,” “Love Song for the Damned”
Cream City Review (Spring 2014)   "Barb"
Ninth Letter Online (Winter 2014)    “Statutes”
The Collagist (Winter 2014)    “Sign”
Nashville Review (Fall 2013)    “Honeycomb,” “Skin”
The Journal (Fall 2013)    “Rime”
Harpur Palate (Fall 2013)    “God in the Season of Bees”